Marketing Consulting

Starting a new or existing brand to market encompasses many aspects.

Contact us to get started with a marketing review, or consultation to define your ultimate goals, best solution paths and overall timelines.


Marketing Online

Marketing your brand online is not only about expanding the visual foot print you make. It is also about making sure you are not competing too close, or find your branding being infringed upon.

Weed Media works to ensure your expansion of the product, name, image and reputation are at their best. While monitoring your brand and identity for fraud, or other malitious acts competition may design to deter your goals.

Our online methods encompass more than on single name, or any single set of key words. Our research monitoring and methods on your brand will protect you now and years to come.

Many of our past projects still maintain their standings online years after we have stopped expansion.


Print Marketing

Let Weed Media help you complete a magazine or send out flyers, hand-out's, business cards and coupons. Our printing services provide any type of printed media to use with customers, give-aways, tickets, and most are matched to electronic versions of the same articles and promotions online to capture their attention online or off.

Integrated website and marketing tactics allow effective results on any marketing campaigns goals. Our team even includes mobile firendly version of the promotional media, allowing as wide an audience as possible.