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Growing potential

The topic of Medical or Legalized Marijuana in the United States has become a main stream conversation. With new possibilities growing daily, there is virtually an entire industry coming out of a vegitative state and starting to flower. Hundreds of new companies each year are finding a new niche in the industry to call home. Are you the next big one?

Weed Media is here to help you on this path. We bring our backgrounds in both Marijuana and Marketing to the table. Weed Media will provide you with all our traditional experience and with inovative industry specific solutions we have developed. Providing complete coverage for your Web, Mobile, Marketing, SEO, Print and many other Marijuana industry needs.

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Marketing Strategy

Multimedia Digital & Print

Share your multimedia content with a highly targeted demographic. We help you develop, produce and publish your commercials, photos, videos, podcasts and more. Next we work with you to target your perfect audience, providing a complete array of statistics and proven results. Expand your reach with multimedia results from Weed Media.

Give us a call, or send us your media needs and we will get you started.

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Demographics from all aspects

Social Networking

Looking for a hands-off method to managing your many social network profiles? Working with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and many other social networking groups and websites, we can professionally manage multiple accounts simultaniously.

Keep all your network profiles up-to-date and in sync with your latest promotions, events and more. We can also provide branding for customizable social network profiles, allowing your account to stand out and resemble your unique branding.


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Mobile Aps, games and more

Mobile apps and web

Allow our mobile device experts to demonstrate and provide a large array of mobile apps and games to fuel the mobile device revolution. Compatible to most devices Android and IPhone. Bring your marijuana based products to life in the palm of your customers hands today.

Mobile based programs, games and websites are quickly growing to feed a global audience of nearly 6.8 billion devices on the planet according to ICU (The International Telecommunication Union), make sure your company has a mobile compatible presence.

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The Marijuana industry is growing exponentially